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Questions & Answers

Question: My dog lives in the house at home. How will he/she adapt to living in a kennel, while being trained?
Answer: Since all dogs are placed with a playmate of the same age and temperament, your dog will think he/she is at a "play-ground". However, if you prefer we will make arrangements for your dog to stay indoors while he/she is here for training or boarding.

Question: If my dog is being trained by someone other than myself, then how will my dog know to obey my commands?
Answer: After we have completed your dog's obedience training, we will give you a complete hands on instruction session when we deliver him/her back home. (This only applies to the Board & Train Program).

Question: Will my dog miss his/her family while away for training or boarding?
Answer: Not at all. At Top Dog we place all training and boarding dogs with another dog of the opposite sex who have similar temperaments and who are around the same age. We do this so that all dogs have playmates to play with. This helps eliminate the stress of being in a strange location.

Question: Will the trainers be using spike/prong collars to train my dog?
Answer: Absolutely not. Although some kennels use these training devices, we at Top Dog feel it is totally unnecessary for obedience training.

Question: What type of training will my dog be receiving?
Answer: At Top Dog we use the AKC's Canine Good Citizen Program exclusively. The AKC has spent much time, money, and energy to develop a certified obedience program that is structured to the "Family Owned Dog", and it is our belief that our customers deserve a standardized certified training program. Using a non-certified program would not give the customer the benefits of "regulated" minimum standards. With the CGC Program, the AKC sets the qualification standards, not Top Dog.

Question: Are there any warranties or guaranties with the training programs?
Answer: When you select our "Board & Train" program, the training is guaranteed for the life of the dog. However, with the other three programs we cannot guarantee the training since we are not doing the actual training (the dog owner is responsible for the training on programs two, three and four)


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