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Thank you for inquiring about our training programs for your dog.

Obedience training is not just for dogs that will be competing in obedience trails, instead, obedience training is a must for all dogs - pets, companions and competitors.
The dog has been a companion of man since time immemorial, serving him in work and play. Until just a few years ago his presence in the community went unquestioned as very few restrictions were imposed on the dog or its owner. This is changing, and changing far too rapidly. We are witnessing ever increasing legislation enacted throughout this country that could revoke once and forever any hope of a dog sharing our lives and homes. We could someday even be forced to surrender an old and faithful friend of many years.
The AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB'S CANINE GOOD CITIZEN training program focuses entirely on good dog manners, responsible pet ownership, and conveys through acceptable behavior what is expected of all dogs in the community. This program was designed as a response to the anti-canine sentiment that has been gaining momentum these past few years. Results of the program, thus far, have given the appearance that some of the legal and public relations costs in dealing with and combating breed-specific legislation have diminished.
The CGC PROGRAM, if it is to be successful, should include the mixed-breed dog, since the anti-canine population does not discriminate between the pue-breed or the non-pure-breed. With this in mind, the program embraces all dogs.
TOP DOG K-9 ACADEMY and the AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB (AKC) urges all dog-owners to avail themselves of this program, thereby assuring that the dog who shares our world, will always be a welcome and respected member of the community.
For your convenience, we have enclosed a brochure on the CANINE GOOD CITIZEN PROGRAM (CGC), and per your request, we will provide names & numbers of a few of our clients which you can contact as references.

If you have any questions or would like details not addressed with any of the information that was enclosed, please don't hesitate to contact us


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